Cycles of the Season

As a general rule, this newsletter focuses on traditional legal issues affecting real estate professionals.  In light of the current economic times, and in particular as we approach the end of a very turbulent year, it seems appropriate to step back from this traditional approach and refocus our attention on the more human side of our career endeavors.

For most of us, this year has been like no other we have ever experienced.  From the accelerated decline in real estate values to the radical descent of the stock market our assets have dwindled.  Reflecting upon the abrupt implosion of major corporations, as well as the mom and pop stores across the country, we cannot help but recognize the fragility of all businesses.  Most notably, the loss of jobs, spending power and security of the “every-person,” has had a ripple effect, the consequences of which we are still yet to fully grasp.

In the face of these fears, in the face of this uncertainty, it is easy to feel helpless and hopeless.  It is important, however, to realize that the harvest does not come in every season.  Life and all that it entails is cyclical.  There is a time to plant, there is a time to tend, and there is a time to harvest.  Our harvest yields what we plant and later tend.

Now is a season for planting.  Indeed, there is adversity.  At the same time, this adversity creates fertile soil on which we can plant seeds for tomorrow’s harvest.  Now is a time to examine the seeds we have available to us.  Not only the seeds we have been planting, but of greater significance, those we have yet to plant because our baskets had previously over-flowed with the fruits of our past efforts.

When we really think about it, this is a very exciting time, if we choose it to be so.  It is a time we can reach deep inside ourselves to identify the plentiful resources we have...our creativity, our ingenuity, our knowledge based upon past experience, our skills and perhaps most importantly our imagination.  It is not only a time to try new seeds, but also a time to devise new techniques and resources for tending the crops that will later grow from these seeds.

It is also important to be wise with our choices.  We may seek short-cuts or opportunities which will provide immediate gratification, but fail to offer us the full advantages that come from being in harmony with the cycle of seasons.  This is a risk which should be avoided.  Rather, our bounty will be greater if we are in sync with the natural course of the seasons.  We should use this time to plant our seeds....keeping our eyes on the long-term gifts that are sure to come our way.  It is nature’s way.

So, at this holiday time...may .your foundation be fertile...your seeds diverse and plentiful...your efforts heartfelt and fulfilling...and your coming harvest as abundant as your imagination can create.

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