Notary Issues

There have been numerous situations recently involving stolen notary stamps and forged grant deeds.   To help minimize this problem, it is suggested that sellers be advised to have the grant deed signed and notarized at the escrow company handling the transaction.   Of course this is not always possible and the seller cannot be required to have the documents notarized at the escrow company.   In the event that the seller is going to have the grant deed notarized somewhere other than the escrow company, it is suggested that unless the listing agent is certain of the seller’s identity, that the listing agent make every effort to provide a reputable notary to notarize the grant deed.   The combination of an unknown seller and an unknown notary opens the door for the possibility of a forged deed that is then fraudulently notarized.   Keeping vigilant with regard to this issue may help avoid a major legal entanglement.

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