Attached to this Memo is a suggested Office DO NOT CALL Policy published by CAR as well as a sample of the required Company Specific Do NOT Call List which each office should maintain. It is suggested that you personalize and then distribute this Company Do-Not-Call policy to all your agents and agents' assistants, if you do not already have a written Office Do Not Call Policy.

In a nutshell, agents and their assistants should not be making solicitation calls without first checking the Government Do-Not-Call List.

Please note that the use of auto dialers or robo calls is strictly prohibited with reference to cell phones whether or not the cell phone number is on the Do-Not-Call list.
These are serious issue as numerous lawsuits have been filed for violation of the Federal Do-Not- Call guidelines.

NOTICE:  The following is a sample policy for maintaining a do-not-call/ list strictly for C.A.R. members only.  You are responsible for determining whether it comports with your business practices and legal requirements.  You are strongly encouraged to seek the advice of an attorney or other professional for your particular situation.





Our company has established and implemented the following written policy and procedures for maintaining a do-not-call list. It is our company's intent to honor anyone's do-not-call request in a systematic and timely manner. It is also our intent to fully comply with any and all applicable do-not-call rules as a matter of course in our routine business practices. These rules are generally set forth at sections 64.1200 et seq. of Title 47 of the Code of Federal Regulations pertaining to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991.

Our company requires our sales staff and other personnel to read, understand, and strictly adhere to the following rules and procedures:

  • Checking Company-Specific Do-Not-Call List: Do not initiate any call to any home or cell phone number for the purpose of soliciting business unless you first check our company-specific do-not-call list if any. There is no exception to this rule for calls made based on written permission, established business relationship, or personal relationship. Our company will provide you with a copy of, or instructions for accessing, our company-specific do-not-call list if any. If you do not have a copy of or access to our company-specific do-not-call list, inform your broker or manager immediately.
  • Honoring Do-Not-Call Requests: If the purpose of your call is to solicit business, you must refrain from calling anyone's home or cell phone number listed on our company-specific do-not-call list if Honor any do-not-call request for five years, unless the person asks to be removed. Do not share our company's do-not-call list with anyone outside our company.
  • Verbal Do-Not-Call Requests: If anyone you speak with over the telephone or in person requests for our company to refrain from calling that person, you must immediately write down or otherwise record the following information: (1) the person's name, if provided; (2) the person's home and/or cell phone number(s) to be placed on our company-specific do-not-call list; (3) the date and time of the do-not-call request; and (4) any other information deemed Immediately place this information on our company-specific do-not-call list and inform your broker or manager accordingly. Your immediate attention in this matter is essential because our company must honor the do-not-call request within a reasonable time, not to exceed 30 days from the date of the request.
  • Written Do-Not-Call Requests: If you receive a do-not-call request by mail, fax, e-mail, or any other method, you should date and time stamp the do-not-call Immediately place the information on our company-specific do-not-call list and inform your broker or manager accordingly.
  • Requests for Our Do-Not-Call Policy: If you receive any request for our company's written policy for maintaining a do-not-call list, you must immediately bring this to the attention of your broker or manager for proper
  • Our Affiliated Entities: Absent a contrary request from a customer, a do-not-call request applies to our company and not our affiliated entities, if any, unless the customer reasonably expects them to be included given the identification of the caller and the product being
  • Any Questions? If you have any questions or concerns about the do-not-call rules, bring it immediately to the attention of your broker or manager.



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