Announcements Northern California


Shannon B. Jones was invited to and will be attending the NAR REThink meeting on April 15, 2013, which is designed to be a high-tech brainstorming meeting to address the future of the residential real estate industry. CRELA will report on any developments from that meeting.



Shannon B. Jones is the owner and managing partner of Shannon B. Jones Law Group. She has been representing real estate agents and brokers for over 22 years. She has an undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Southern California. She is a member of CAR’s Strategic Defense Panel. She has published a number of articles and the best selling real estate book, “A Real Estate Agents Practical Guide to Avoiding Litigation.” She also is the owner of Diablo Mediation Services, an organization set up to resolve real estate and business disputes. She is a shareholder in California Real Estate Legal Alliance (“CRELA”), a company established to represent real estate professionals throughout the State of California that offers real estate advice, coaching, claims prevention, effective and efficient management of claims, risk management, cutting edge industry information, insurance management assistance, as well as other beneficial services. Please visit her website at www.calrealestatelaw.com.




Shannon B. Jones Law Group is pleased to announce that Trials Digest, a national publication, recently published an article highlighting the defense verdict in Robinson v. Nord, which Shannon B. Jones successfully tried in October 2012. That action involved non-disclosure claims arising out of an apartment building. The jury found in favor of our clients within an hour and a half with a verdict of 9-3.