California Real Estate Legal Alliance - CRELA

Risk Management Services:

  • Annual Risk Management Seminars.
  • Monthly Risk Management Newsletters.
  • Regular Legal Updates on changes in the industry such as laws, form, current risks, etc.
  • Dedicated Interactive Website dedicated to client education and resources.
  • Access to forms, including:  disclaimers; addenda; and other transactional documents.
  • Department of Real Estate Continuing Education Courses.
  • Collaborate with broker's risk manager, including in-house or outside.

Early Claim Intervention Services:

  • Prompt consultation when a potential claim arises.
  • Services to broker/manager in connection with any possible claim to attempt to extinguish dispute.

Claims Management Services:

  • Assistance in evaluating and properly submitting claims for insurance coverage.
  • Effective and cost efficient representation in defending claims.
  • Agreement to honor insurance carrier rates, subject to reasonable minimum amount.
  • Access to state-wide pooled panel of attorneys and documents, including pleadings, discovery, expert testimony, etc. which facilitates the superior, cost-effective defense services.

Insurance Procurement Services:

  • Assistance in evaluating insurance carriers, policies, terms and costs.
  • Use of contacts and market influence to serve as an advocate in procuring the best possible terms including:  cost; policy coverage; premium; deductible; and any necessary endorsements.
  • Proper explanation of claims history to minimize the impact of prior claims.

Broker/Owner/Manager Support Services:

  • Free risk management training/round-tables for Brokers, Owners and Managers to assist in effective office management.
  • Advocate for Brokers, Owners and Managers with Associations, D.R.E. and Legislature.
  • Human resource guidance and support.

Administrative Matters and Other Hearings:

  • Mediation representation.
  • Arbitration representation.
  • D.R.E. Hearing and Audit Representation.
  • All other Administrative Hearing Representation, Pro-Standards and Procuring Cause Hearings.

Our Services:

  • Provide corporate and transactional services for brokerage, including:  corporate formation and maintenance issues; sales, mergers and acquisitions issues; leasing issues; employment manuals and related human resources issues; etc.
  • Access to attorneys in other practice areas, who have been vetted and have agreed to provide services at discounted rates.