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The California Bureau of Real Estate (“CalBRE”) recently advised us that they expect real estate brokers to monitor the websites of their salespersons licensed with them for compliance with CalBRE regulations. Although CalBRE recognizes that this obligation may be cumbersome, the obligation can be delegated to someone in the broker’s office. However, the CalBRE contends […]

App That Will Convert a Text to an Email

As previously reported, it is the BRE’s position that real estate agents and brokerages are to maintain all emails and written communications relating to a transaction in their file.  One concern is maintaining texts.  Agents cannot print texts and texts are not saved on the “Cloud.” They are also frequently deleted.  In order to save […]

BRE Now Accepting Online Consumer Complaints

The BRE has now added a page to its website where consumers can submit complaints regarding real estate professionals online.  We anticipate that consumer complaints will increase given the convenience of the online system.  If the BRE contacts an agent, it is recommended that the agent contact their manager or broker for assistance in responding […]

Retaining Social Media Communications

Over the past few years social media has become a large part of a real estate licensee’s business.  In response to this, the Bureau of Real Estate has issued a bulletin requiring that all communications related to licensed activity be kept in a licensee’s file for the entire three-year retention period.  This includes all text […]