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Broker Compliance Checklist

The California Real Estate Legal Alliance (“CRELA”) recently posted the attached Broker Compliance Checklist  prepared by California Compliance Consulting.  We have found this checklist to be quite valuable and encourage CRELA members to review the checklist to ensure compliance.  

Court Awards Broker Attorney’s Fees Pursuant to the Listing Agreement

In Bardack v. Tomjanovich, a California appellate court recently upheld an award of attorney’s fees to Coldwell Banker pursuant to the express indemnity provision in the listing agreement. In Bardack, plaintiff purchased a home in Pacific Palisades for $6.5 million. The sellers purchased the property several years earlier for $4.25 million. At the time that […]

Question and Answer Regarding Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Question:  Is a broker responsible for providing workers’ compensation insurance for agents, given that agents are independent contractors? Answer:  Yes.  By law, all employers in California are required to maintain workers’ compensation insurance for their employees for injuries occurring during their employment.  While independent contractors are generally excluded from coverage, the California Labor and Workforce […]


The California Bureau of Real Estate (“CalBRE”) recently advised us that they expect real estate brokers to monitor the websites of their salespersons licensed with them for compliance with CalBRE regulations. Although CalBRE recognizes that this obligation may be cumbersome, the obligation can be delegated to someone in the broker’s office. However, the CalBRE contends […]