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Court Holds Lender’s Appraiser Not Liable for Alleged Misrepresentation to a Land Purchaser

In Willemsen v. Mitrosilis, a California appellate court recently held a lender’s appraiser not liable to a land purchaser for an alleged failure to supply information, which would have influenced plaintiff’s decision to purchase the land. In Willemsen, plaintiff offered to purchase a lot. Plaintiff applied for financing through a bank. The bank retained defendant, […]

Jury Holds Landlord Not Liable for Tenants’ Injuries

In 2010, a fire started in a condominium in Southern California. The fire started in an exhaust fan that was not working. The tenants were injured and filed suit claiming that the landlord should have replaced the exhaust fan before the fire occurred. The tenants also claimed that the landlord retained an uncertified restoration company […]

BRE Now Accepting Online Consumer Complaints

The BRE has now added a page to its website where consumers can submit complaints regarding real estate professionals online.  We anticipate that consumer complaints will increase given the convenience of the online system.  If the BRE contacts an agent, it is recommended that the agent contact their manager or broker for assistance in responding […]