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Warning About Internet Copyrighted Pictures

Pictures found on the internet are not necessarily free for agents to use.  Many are copyrighted and if agents use a copyrighted picture, they may be required to pay a fee for its usage.  Many of these pictures are of homes and neighborhoods that agents might wish to use in their marketing of properties, but […]

Guidelines for Hiring Licensed or Unlicensed Assistants

It is important for a real estate agent to follow proper procedures when hiring licensed or unlicensed assistants.  First, there are two CAR forms that should be used when an agent decides to get an assistant.   There is the Personal Assistant Contract as well as the Broker/Associate-Licensee/Assistant Third Party Agreement.   It is suggested that both […]

Advisory Regarding Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals

Agents should be very careful when asked whether a landlord will accept pets.  Both Federal and State law require a landlord to reasonably accommodate a tenant’s disability.  Disability is defined very broadly to include any mental or physical disorder or condition that makes it difficult to perform a major life activity.  If a tenant requests […]

Question and Answer Regarding Translation of Documents and Reports

Question:         If an agent reads and writes a foreign language, can that agent translate documents and reports in that language for their client?   Answer:           No.  If an agent translates documents and reports, it leaves open the possibility of a client claiming that the agent misinterpreted or misread the report.  For example, we had a […]

Team Names

The California Real Estate Legal Alliance (“CRELA”) recently posted the attached article entitled, “Summary of BRE regulations regarding Team Names and Fictitious Business Names.”

Broker Compliance Checklist

The California Real Estate Legal Alliance (“CRELA”) recently posted the attached Broker Compliance Checklist  prepared by California Compliance Consulting.  We have found this checklist to be quite valuable and encourage CRELA members to review the checklist to ensure compliance.  

What Agents Need to Know About TRID

  The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has created the new Truth in Lending Act (“TILA”) and Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (“RESPA”) Integrated Disclosure Rule, also known as TRID.  The new regulations are quite complex and will likely lead to liabilities and enforcement issues throughout the mortgage industry.  Although TRID will likely not raise liability […]

Risks Associated with the Sale of Investor Properties

A recent development in this market is the purchase and resale of properties by investors. Over the last several years, investors have been purchasing properties at foreclosure sales or pursuant to short sales, improving those properties, and reselling them for a profit. While this is a very positive development for the market in that these […]