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Risk Management Tip Regarding Social Media

Seventy percent (70%) of the online population in the United States is currently utilizing some form of social media. The most popular forms include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. While there are innumerable benefits to using social media, there are also detriments, which need to be recognized. There is a new wave of litigation arising […]

Law Regarding Social Media Privacy

Effective January 1, 2013, Labor Code §980, became effective which prohibits employers from demanding access to job applicants’ and employees’ social media usernames or passwords for the purpose of accessing that social media. The employers may not access personal social media or delve into any personal media content.

Retaining Social Media Communications

Over the past few years social media has become a large part of a real estate licensee’s business.  In response to this, the Bureau of Real Estate has issued a bulletin requiring that all communications related to licensed activity be kept in a licensee’s file for the entire three-year retention period.  This includes all text […]