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Recent Survey Shows A Majority of Landlords and Tenants Have An Inadequate and Incomplete Understanding of Basic Rental Laws

Zillow recently reported that a majority of landlords and tenants show a fundamental misunderstanding of basic landlord-tenant laws. For example, 85% of tenants and 76% of landlords are unaware of the laws pertaining to security deposits and credit checks. 77% of tenants and 69% of landlords lack understanding of privacy and access rights. 62% of […]

Jury Finds Against Property Manager for Negligently Maintaining a Ceiling

Plaintiff, an 87 year old woman, was injured after a large portion of a ceiling fan fell on her.  She sued her property manager claiming that the ceiling was negligently maintained causing the ceiling to weaken and collapse.  She suffered significant lacerations to her right leg and fractured her big toe.  The defense claimed that […]

Court Allows an Agent to Hold an Open House of a Rented Condominium on Sundays

In Dromy v. Lukovsky, a California appellate court recently affirmed an order by a trial court allowing an agent to hold a leased condominium open Sunday afternoons.  However, there could be no more than two open homes each month during limited afternoon hours. There had to be advance notice given to the tenant, and the […]